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#WeddingWednesday: Bridesmaid Checklist

Once your friend or family member asks you to be a bridesmaid in their wedding, you need to start thinking about all that will be expected of you in your role.  It is a fun and exciting role to be asked to play and if done right you can make a difference on the bride’s special … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Plan Your Wedding Your Way

Afraid to defy wedding tradition? Fear no more! Tradition is becoming a thing of the past thanks to many modern-day couples. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and make your wedding your own. When you get engaged, many ideas, thoughts and worries may enter your mind. One of these may be who you want … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Planning A Patriotic Wedding

#WeddingWednesday: Planning a Patriotic Wedding With the Fourth of July being less than a week away, we’re feeling pretty patriotic here at B.C. Tent and Boston Party Rental.  To celebrate the holiday, here is some patriotic wedding inspiration for you to include in your own Fourth of July wedding celebration. Add yummy red and blue … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Beach Themed Wedding

#WeddingWednesday: Beach Themed Wedding As summer nears and the weather gets warmer, it becomes even more difficult not to think about the beach.  Laying down in the warm sand by the beautiful blue ocean is incredibly hard to resist.  If you love the summery feel that comes with the beach, then why not have a beach … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Light up the Night

#WeddingWednesday: Light Up the Night If you are having a wedding reception that is surely going to last past sunset, you will need some form of light.  You can add simple, elegant, or colorful lights.  Whatever you envision is possible.  Make your dream wedding a reality that can be seen throughout the event with these … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Escort Card Inspiration

#WeddingWednesday: Escort Card Inspiration When your guests walk into your reception the first thing they will wonder is where they are going to sit.  You need to make your escort card table, board, etc. as noticeable and accessible as possible so your guests know where to find their seats.  There are a variety of ways … Read more

Incorporating Flowers in Your Wedding Decor

#WeddingWednesday: Incorporating Flowers in Your Wedding Decor There are a number of ways to incorporate flowers in your wedding decor.  They do not solely have to be used as bouquets and boutonnieres but can also be seen in many different aspects of the wedding.  Celebrate the spring season on your wedding day with these beautiful … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

#WeddingWednesday: Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas You have the ring but now you have to ask those closest to you on your wedding day as you make one of the biggest commitments of your life.  This is not something that you can simply ask someone.  You need to be creative and show each person just how much they … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Send-off Inspiration

#WeddingWednesday: Send-off Inspiration Exit your wedding in style by choosing the perfect send-off.  There’s no need to go with the typical rice or petals when there are so many other, unique send-off ideas that you can utilize.  Surprise your guests with something different to do at your wedding, setting you apart from the rest. One … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Programs

#WeddingWednesday: Programs Weddings provide the opportunity for you to be creative.  One great way to foreshadow the creativity you put into your day from the very beginning is with unique programs.  These can be as silly, serious or practical as you would like.  The programs should encompass the theme of the event and highlight who you … Read more