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#WeddingWednesday: Bridesmaid Checklist

Once your friend or family member asks you to be a bridesmaid in their wedding, you need to start thinking about all that will be expected of you in your role.  It is a fun and exciting role to be asked to play and if done right you can make a difference on the bride’s special day. Follow this helpful checklist to make sure you don’t forget what needs to be done on your part throughout the planning stages and during the wedding itself.

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  • Assist in planning the Bridal Shower if needed/if you can
  • Assist in planning and paying for the Bachelorette Party if needed/if you can
  • Help the bride as she picks out her wedding dress if requested. Offer honest advice, but make sure you are thinking of the bride’s taste and not your own as you help pick out her dream dress for her special day.
  • Buy your dress, shoes and accessories on time
  • Ensure you get your dress tailored in a timely manner
  • If the bride is doing a lot of DIY décor for her wedding, offer to help out to take some of the pressure off as she prepares for the big day
  • Take some of the pressure off the maid of honor and offer to assist if she needs help
  • Buy a wedding gift
  • Show up to the pre-wedding events and the wedding itself on time, if not early
  • Help to bustle the bride’s dress before the first dance if you are able to
  • Make sure the bride eats before the wedding
  • Don’t forget the order in which you will walk down the aisle! –If there is a day of coordinator they will let you know where to go but if not please remember where you were asked to be
  • If problems arise, try not to tell the bride unless you absolutely must in order to resolve the issue. First, try to resolve the issue with the aid of the event coordinator/maid of honor or, if you can resolve the issue on your own, take matters into your own hands
  • Put the bride’s phone in a safe place if requested
  • Stand by the bride’s side as her and her husband recite their vows, showcasing their love for each other in front of all of their family and friends
  • Make sure the bride enjoys her day and most of all, enjoy taking part in the celebration!

Follow this helpful checklist and be the best bridesmaid you can possibly be.

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