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B.C. Tent & Awning Co., Inc. is working hard to help you prevent a COVID-19 outbreak on your job site. We believe we are better when we work together. It’s important for us all to take the necessary steps to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our local and global communities safe and supported.

As we enter the next phase, challenges will be met head on as we/you try to keep employees and customers safe. These ideas should help every business with following the social distance guidelines and being able to make the most out of what can be done with outside spaces. This guide to social distancing will be a great asset for your community in the next few weeks to months. Not only renting tents but equipment as well.

At B.C. Tent & Awning Co., we want to reassure you that we are taking the necessary procedures to sanitize our equipment using CDC specifications.

Grocery Stores and Farmer’s Markets

Consider putting a marquee tent on a sidewalk to cover patrons as they wait in line to enter into the store. It could be a drive through lane for cars arriving for their scheduled grocery pickup and a queue line where workers can organize grocery orders waiting pickup.

  • Cover sidewalk & entrance lines with marquees
  • Curbside pickup
  • Tents in the parking lot for farmers markets & produce stands
  • Employee break space


There are many different applications for tent solutions when it comes to restaurants.

  • Placing a tent in a restaurant parking lot can expand seating capacity while keeping social distancing guidelines and can stand alone or connect to the building.
  • At a fast food restaurant or a place that primarily does take out, it might be valuable to add a small tent or marquee in the parking lot to cover up employees taking food out to patrons.
  • Adding Marquees are great for guests who are waiting in line to enter or for picking up orders or for a hostess table so that they can control the number of individuals entering the building.
  • Create additional kitchen space with a tent close to the kitchen for an outside food prep area & help encourage distancing

Warehouse and Office’s

Large tents in parking lots can be a great solution for manufacturing facilities and large corporations that are headed back to work and need to comply with social distancing guidelines. Do you need additional breakroom space or dining areas? Do you have too many desks that are in close proximity and need more office space? Tents can help!

  • Break Rooms
  • Dining Areas
  • Office Space
  • Prescreening Check Points. Pre-screening is also an important measure that is being utilized by many employers to test that employees that arrive for work are in good health and don’t infect others.


A large tent could be set up with chairs set up in groups of 5 or 6 to allow for families to sit together and distanced from others according to guidelines. Another way church services could be conducted is to have a smaller tent and people can listen to a service much like they would a drive-in movie or bring lawn chairs to join in on the service while socially distanced outside. We also can provide chairs and sound systems.

Schools and Universities

Fall Semesters will look a lot different in the coming school year. Schools might want to consider tents as temporary classrooms allowing students to spread out over a larger area than the typical lecture hall. A possible configuration is 8’ conference tables with a chair on each end facing the professor. We can also provide screening tents for people waiting to get into school events and sporting facilities to ensure the health of the students.

Tent Rentals For Schools

Retail Stores

We can help by

  • Covering sidewalks leading to store entrance with marquee tents
  • Using tents to create ingress and egress to help promote social distancing
  • Using tents for order pickup areas
  • Tents outside of strip malls to display inventory outside of a small or narrow store

Summer Camps

We can help provide additional covered space for camp activities or crafts. It would be especially beneficial for rainy days. You can section the tent into 20 x 20 activity pods to encourage social distancing among the campers.


Not an idea that anyone wants to be a reality; setting up tents for funerals or receptions might be the only way for some to meet social distancing guidelines and say goodbye to their loved ones. This could simply mean having a funeral reception or luncheon under a tent to ensure there is enough space or creating a drive thru type scenario to allow for people to say their goodbyes while remaining distanced from others.

Car Dealerships

Create an outdoor sales closing area with a tent for car dealerships. This could be done by placing a small desk under a tent with a chair on each side and a clear divider. You can also roll out a red carpet: it would show your customer your appreciation for their business.

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