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Custom Awnings

Residential & Commercial Awnings

Does the summer’s hot sun turn your deck or patio into an area to look at rather than enjoy? Are you waiting for those shade trees to grow large enough before you can enjoy a shaded deck? Well, you are not alone!

Too often, just when the weather starts to become enjoyable, the sun turns many decks and patios into afternoon ovens. The answer might simply be a solution that has been around for years-awnings. Although awnings have been around for a long time, new technological developments are pushing them into the next millennium.

With today’s advances in colors, awnings not only create a colorful living space, but, according to the National Association of Air Conditioning Engineers, awnings can reduce the effect of a sun-struck window by 25 percent. B. C. Tent & Awning Co., offers custom stationary and retractable awnings for both commercial and residential applications.

At B. C. Tent & Awning Company Inc., Inc. we offer detailed estimates via phone or e-mail. You may also come visit our showroom located in Avon, MA and sit down with a party professional who will walk you through the process of ordering all of your rental items. We offer free on site analysis by our custom awning professionals. Please call us today and speak with one of our specialists to set up a site visit so we can choose the perfect awning for your space. We have been an award winning Awning Company, Servicing the Boston Area since 1980.

Awning Cleaning Instructions for Acrylic Fabric

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