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Including Family in the Wedding Planning

#WeddingWednesday: Including Your Family in the Wedding Planning Process Planning your wedding is no easy task but luckily you have some great family members around to help you.  How should they help in the planning process though?  You may want complete control over your wedding but it doesn’t hurt to ask for help.  Knowing who to ask for … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Wedding Hashtags

#WeddingWednesday: Creating Your Wedding Hashtags These days it is almost impossible to avoid the world of technology.  It has made its way into doctor’s offices, schools, churches, etc.  Therefore it is almost impossible to evade technology interrupting your wedding unless you have an unplugged wedding.  Why avoid technology when you can embrace it though?  A … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Theme and Color Scheme

#WeddingWednesday: Choosing Your Theme and Colors You’re engaged to be married to the person of your dreams and now it’s time to begin the planning process.  How will you make your wedding special?  What is going to differentiate you as a bride from all of the other brides in the world?  Making your wedding reflect … Read more

#WeddingWednesday: Pets in Weddings

#WeddingWednesday: Including Pets in your Wedding What comes to mind when you think about who you want to include in your wedding? Your parents?  Your best friend?  What if your best friend is your dog, Teddy or your cat, Fluffy?  Can you include pets in your wedding too?  Your wedding day is one of the … Read more

#WeddingWednesday- April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers Our #WeddingWednesday posts continue with different advice for brides & grooms as well as with information about great wedding venues, vendors, and with photos and information from our very own weddings that we have been lucky to be a part of. This week we are focusing on April Showers Bring … Read more