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#WeddingWednesday: Wedding Hashtags

#WeddingWednesday: Creating Your Wedding Hashtags

These days it is almost impossible to avoid the world of technology.  It has made its way into doctor’s offices, schools, churches, etc.  Therefore it is almost impossible to evade technology interrupting your wedding unless you have an unplugged wedding.  Why avoid technology when you can embrace it though?  A current trend at weddings is having hashtags to commemorate the day so that all posts that include the hashtag will be in the same place.  Having your guests focus on a fun activity utilizing technology will keep your wedding in the spotlight. How should you go about creating a hashtag though?


First of all, you could start with your names just like fans did with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to create Brangelina.  After that, you can add numbers to it to differentiate yourself from the pack.   Hashtags that say something like #Brangelina111516 create something that is more personalized for your wedding.  You can use puns if you find any that work with your name as it may make people more interested in participating online.  Make it as funny or bizarre as you would like to make it more appealing to your guests.


Your hashtag should not include any special characters as that will cut it so make sure it only includes numbers and letters.  Don’t just use initials and dates as weddings frequently have these in common.  Also, don’t use an acronym that no one but you will understand as that will make it less interactive for guests.


After making the hashtag, ensure that there are no misspellings so that you don’t find out about an embarrassing mistake later on.  Also, make sure that it is one that your guests can easily remember throughout the night so that they will post. To make it more legible you should capitalize the first letter of each word such as: #LuanneAndWillisWedding.  If you have found the perfect one for your wedding you should then check it on various social media websites to ensure that it has not been used previously.  Add it to your wedding website to help spread the word so that all of your guests are ready to post on your wedding day.


If you are still having difficulty coming up with the perfect hashtag for your wedding, WeddingWire has their own wedding hashtag generator that you can use:

Share your wedding hashtags in the comments.  We would love to see your creativity!  For more tips and wedding fun, make sure to check back every Wednesday at