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#WeddingWednesday: Pets in Weddings

#WeddingWednesday: Including Pets in your Wedding

What comes to mind when you think about who you want to include in your wedding? Your parents?  Your best friend?  What if your best friend is your dog, Teddy or your cat, Fluffy?  Can you include pets in your wedding too?  Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life and everyone you love and care about should be in attendance including your pets if you so desire.

pets in weddings
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If you are interested in including your pet in your wedding then you should first consider where you would like them to be during the ceremony.  They can be your flower girl or your ring bearer which appears to be a popular idea.

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For this, you must consider what their personality is like because if they are going to be disruptive throughout the ceremony you may not want them walking down the aisle, seeing a squirrel off in the distance and trying to drag whoever is leading him/her away from the event as a whole.  That could get messy.

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Also, if pets are not allowed at the venue you choose then you will not be able to include your pet in the wedding physically but instead you can do so through other elements.  You could include them in pictures used for decorations on your special day.  These decorations could be as subtle as putting them on table number cards.  You could also put a likeness of your pet as a cake topper on top of your wedding cake like this one from


After checking if pets are allowed at your venue and you believe that your pet will be a great addition to the ceremony then there are a couple of things you should do before the wedding.  First, if you are putting any form of flower within reach of your pet’s mouth then you should make sure that none of them are poisonous.  Another thing you should do is assign someone to pet sit for you during the ceremony and reception so that you can enjoy the festivities as much as possible.  This day is all about you and your partner and you should make sure that you don’t need to worry about anything else during the event.

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When including your pet in your wedding you should be sure to inform the photographer so that they will be on the lookout to get some good photos of your pet, keeping the memory of them at the event forever.  You should also inform all guests who will be in attendance that your pet will be there just in case anyone has any allergies so there are no issues on your wedding day.

Pets are the ones who brighten our saddest days and make our happiest days the best days ever.  So go ahead, include your dog, cat, horse, goat etc. in your wedding.  Enjoy your day and make the memories last a lifetime.

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