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#WeddingWednesday: Having a Winter Wedding

#WeddingWednesday: Having a Winter Wedding

Picture your wedding.  Is it by the ocean?  Is there a warm breeze?  Do you ever think of snow falling as your wedding ceremony commences?   Many brides don’t think to have a wedding in the winter time but if done right it can be cost-effective and stylish.  For this #WeddingWednesday we are providing you with some tips on having a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding
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What Do You Wear for a Winter Wedding?

One big concern that many brides may have is that the weather will be chilly on their big day.  They believe they will have difficulty choosing something to wear without being cold throughout the day.  As the bride, you do not have to wear a long sleeve wedding dress.  Most likely, you will not be outside for long so you can choose whatever sleeve, style and length that you want.   Consider a warmer material for your dress, wear a wrap or wear tights underneath your dress which will not be noticeable during the day as long as the dress is long if you are concerned about the cold weather.  You could wear boots instead of high heels outside to help prevent your feet from getting cold.   You will not be slipping around on the ice as much because of it.

Winter Wedding
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The bridesmaids should also have shawls and tights during the day so that they will be comfortable.  Just because you’re having a winter wedding does not mean that you have to choose certain fabrics with long sleeves.  There is no reason to choose satin dresses if you do not want them in satin dresses.   Let them bring sneakers or boots for any trips that they need to make outside.  Can you imagine one of your bridesmaids falling all because you forced her to wear high heels that caused her to slip on ice?  That would would put a damper on your big day.  Have chapstick in your purse on the big day so that you can keep your lips moisturized throughout the wedding.  Also, make sure that you have some hand warmers on hand so that your hands do not freeze when you go outside.

Winter Wedding
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Your Winter Wonderland of Photographs

The timing of your wedding may impact the quality of the pictures that your photographer can take.  It gets dark much earlier in the winter so you may want to speak with your photographer to ensure that there will be enough light for your photos.  You should also have some umbrella on stand-by for the photographs in case it rains or snows during your photo shoot.  These do not have to be expensive; they just need to provide cover so that the weather does not negatively impact your photos.  The weather may limit the amount of time that you can have your photos taken outdoors.  The weather also provides a great prop for the duration that you do have outside; you can have staged shots in the snow; you could have a snowball fight without ever throwing the snow at each other!

Winter Wedding
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Who Will Attend your Wedding in the Winter?

Ensure that your guests are happy at the event by making the reception warm and inviting.  You could use candles to create a romantic glow at the beginning of the party.  If it appears that your guests are getting too hot, ask your wedding coordinator to turn the heat down.  The thermostat closest to the dance floor should be set a few degrees lower if there are separate thermostats for different areas of the room.  Have a warm drink available for your guests such as hot chocolate or warm apple cider.  Winter-themed favors are always a hit.  You could have items such as blanket, sparklers, cookies or candy canes.  Put someone in charge of taking coats at your reception to ensure that they are kept safe so that no coats are lost and all guests remain happy.

Winter Wedding
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Some of your guests may decline to attend simply because of the weather.  Elderly guests and out-of-towners may not attend due to concerns over icy conditions and airline delays.  Most guests, though, do enjoy going to winter weddings as most weddings do happen in the summer time and it will be one less wedding that they have to plan for the summer.  A destination wedding in a warm location would be an added bonus for guests.

Choosing the Right Venue(s)

The venue is a critical piece of your winter wedding as it will affect your guests’ willingness to attend.  Of course, you need to pick the right venue for you.  Before choosing a venue ask if they have holiday decorations in the room where your wedding will be.  Also ask if they have any photographs of them from the prior year.   If you do not want the decorations displayed during your wedding ask if it would be okay for them to take these down for the wedding.

Try to have your ceremony and reception in one venue or venues that are within close proximity of each other.  This will make it easier to go from the ceremony to the reception if the weather is bad.   Give yourself extra time to travel to the ceremony because when the weather is bad the traffic is bad and it doesn’t matter how far you are going.

Winter Wedding
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Even though the season is not as promising outside, you can still have an outdoor wedding if that is what you truly want.   Clearly, a wedding with no coverage would not be beneficial for you or your guests.  We can provide coverage underneath a tent that has heaters and flooring inside so that the guests will not feel the cold atmosphere.  Providing your guests with shawls and hot chocolate would be a fun idea to help keep them warm and happy.

Winter Wedding

Will the Weather be Okay for My Big Day?

You will most likely become obsessed with the weather while planning the wedding.  Typically brides check the weather app on their phones the week before their wedding to ensure there is no rain.  As a winter bride, though,  you will be much more cautious.  You might end up researching the weather from the past five years on your wedding date, seeing how often it has snowed on that day.  Watching the weather may pay off in the end when you have a beautiful weather wedding day.

Winter Wedding
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Embrace the Season

Don’t be afraid to embrace the season.  The timing of your wedding is unique and so isn’t the winter wonderland theme.  You could get a winter cake topper.  The bridesmaids could have glitter makeup on their faces.  Snowflakes, icy designs, etc are all great decorations for any winter wedding.  You do not have to stick to the winter wonderland theme though.  Experiment with color.  Choose bright colors that create a tropical feel.  This would be unexpected for your guests and may transport them to the tropical location that they want to be in.

Winter Wedding
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Something to consider about winter months is to be careful planning your honeymoon around the holidays.  During the holidays prices tent to go up for trips.  It may be better to wait a week or two to go on your honeymoon if your wedding is close to a holiday.  Check prices beforehand and make a decision as to when is cheaper for you.

Okay, Sounds Great but….. Are There Any Negatives?

Even though a winter wedding can be magical, there are some worst-case scenarios that you should be prepared for in case anything does go wrong due to the time of year on your wedding day.  The biggest question of course is: what happens if there is a blizzard on your wedding day?  You should continuously ask “what if” questions as you are looking for vendors.  Ask what would happen if you are forced to cancel the wedding due to the weather.  Make sure that they will reschedule for another date at no additional cost.  The only issue with rescheduling is getting all of those vendors available on a different date.

You may want to consider wedding insurance.  Most of these policies will prevent you from losing your deposit money due to a weather-related cancellation.  Therefore, you won’t have to pay extra when booking a new vendor who is available on your new date.

Winter Wedding
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Having a winter wedding is completely feasible and can be a great time for all of your guests. Winter weddings are much more cost-effective and your pockets will only be happier because of it.  It also does not limit you on what you can do.

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