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#WeddingWednesday: The Details Guests Won’t Remember

#WeddingWednesday: The Details Guests Won’t Remember

Ready to start planning your wedding? There are so many details that go into wedding planning that sometimes it can be hard to perfect each one or make sure that everyone is happy with every little thing. As much as you fret about each and every detail, there are some that a majority of your guests won’t even remember once your day is complete.

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Yes – this may be on your guests’ fridges for a few months leading up to your wedding but the reality of this detail is that most, if not all, of your guests will not notice whether you got your invites from Zazzle or a specialty invitation company.

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Aisle Decor

All eyes will be on you and your spouse during the ceremony. Keep the aisle decor simplistic as many of your guests won’t remember what surrounds your “I do’s” they will just remember you, your spouse and your happiness together.

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Extra Amenities

Thinking of doing a little something extra to surprise your guests? If you have the extra funds to do so, it doesn’t hurt to add an amenity basket in the restroom. If you do not have the extra funds in your budget then you should consider leaving out the extras as many of your guests will be remembering what happens during the ceremony and on the dance floor, not what is in the bathroom.

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Over-the Top Escort Card Displays

When guests go from cocktail hour to the reception area they will need to know where their table is if you are doing assigned tables. Most guests will look to see where their table is, grab their escort card and head to their table. Not many guests will stop to admire the display and, if there are cards for them to take, the display will be gone before they get the chance to look.

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Top-Shelf Liquor

Let’s be honest. No one will remember how high-end the liquor is. Everyone will remember the fun times they had and that the liquor and food was plenty.

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The Programs

Not many weddings include programs anymore and it may be due in part to the fact they just are not memorable. If you really want to have programs at your wedding then consider the less expensive route of using one sign as your program. This will cut costs and add a little less stress in trying to ensure all of your guests receive a program.

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The First Dance

No one will remember whether or not you stepped on each other’s toes or if you had a perfectly choreographed routine. Everyone will remember your love for each other – the way you gaze into each other’s eyes and your true happiness in that moment.

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The Cake’s Appearance

The look of the cake is of no one’s concern. The only thing that matters is the taste.

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Bouquet & Garter Toss

These are becoming passé in current weddings. Guests won’t even know the difference if you include these in your wedding or not.

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No one cares about the plate their food is on top of. All they care about is the food on the plate.

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Don’t sweat the small stuff, especially if it is something guests won’t remember. It’s not worth stretching your budget or stressing you out more to worry about the details that don’t matter as much.

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