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Making the Most of Homecoming Weekend

Making the Most of Homecoming Weekend

Annually college students, their families and alumni gather on college campuses throughout the nation during their school’s designated homecoming weekend. This tradition has been carried out for many years. Typically taking place in late September or early October, Homecoming Weekend provides attendees with fun activities, sports games and other events to enjoy. We are excited that so many local schools have trusted us to provide shelter for these fabulous weekends. Since the events are in the fall, we have often provided tents with heaters so that everyone can have a great time and not worry about being too cold. The weekend celebrates school spirit and welcomes welcomes new students, current students and alumni back to campus. Here are a few tips to help make the most of your school’s homecoming weekend celebration.

homecoming 1956
A photo from Boston University’s Homecoming 1956. A tradition that has been enjoyed by students for many years. Photo by BU Photo Services
  1. Make sure to reach out to classmates/alumni before the weekend so you can make plans to meet up. This is a fun weekend to spend with friends and having a plan ahead of time will make your time with friends more enjoyable.
homecoming weekend
photo retrieved from

2. Wear your school colors. After all, homecoming weekend is all about school spirit! The campus will look extra festive with so many people wearing the colors of the school. Plus, your awesome close up with the school mascot is a memory you will want to cherish for life.

homecoming weekend mascot
photo from

3. Attend the big game! It will be an awesome time rooting for the team surrounded by classmates and friends. Hopefully the celebration of the homecoming weekend will be elevated when your team wins!

homecoming weekend
Photo Credit: Connor Gleason

4. Take advantage of the networking opportunity. Current students connect with alumni, therefore building their network so that they will have a better chance of finding a job after college. This opportunity is one that no one wants to miss.

homecoming weekend


5. Be Safe! And know the rules. This is an important one! Different schools have different rules, so find out what they are ahead of time. Everyone wants to have a safe and enjoyable homecoming weekend. Make sure to know if you can bring a backpack ahead of time so you aren’t stuck at the entrance to an event with no where to put your bag. Being aware of the rules ahead of time will prevent mishaps that may ruin your fun plans. Celebrate and have a blast, but be sure to stay out of trouble from getting too carried away! Campus police will be on patrol to keep an eye on things and help everyone stay safe!

homecoming weekend
photo by Boston Balloon Co.

Homecoming season is one of our favorites! We love seeing all of the school spirit under our tents. The fall feel is captivating, the networking between students and alumni is promising and most of all we enjoy knowing that everyone is having fun at the event! We have had the opportunity to provide many venues from dining tents, to football sideline tents, to activity tents on campuses all around New England. We have also provided tables and chairs and many other rental items. We are happy to see photos online of all of our successful homecoming weekends that so many people have enjoyed around the state.

homecoming tent

We look forward to the upcoming Homecoming events.  Make sure to check in every Friday on our blog for featured events. You can subscribe to the right to have our articles sent directly to your inbox.