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Run for Charlotte 2012


There are only 13 days until the Annual Run for Charlotte! In honor of her race coming up, I wanted to re-post the tribute to Charlotte that I sent out in December. Please read about this little girl and let her inspire you to fight for her cause! There is still time to register for the run. If you are not a runner, like myself, you can walk the 5k as well! Click Here to register for the run/walk! Make sure to check out the tents too!

A Tribute To A Beautiful Little Girl
April of 2011 we had the honor of providing a couple of tents, among other things, for a wonderful event. Not only was this event raising money for a great cause, but through it we got the pleasure to learn about a wonderful little girl- Charlotte Rose Kelly. Prayers for Charlotte is an organization formed by Charlotte’s family and friends,that raises money for the research of Neuroblastoma, a rare cancer that affects children and currently has no cure. Charlotte was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma in June of 2009 at only 2 years old. By age four Charlotte had already gone through several treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and stem cell treatments.


Charlotte with her mom Patrice at the race. What a Happy Day for everyone

There were over 1,800 people trying to sign up to walk or run for this cause- so many that registration had to be shut down. The event raised an incredible amount of $60, 000.00 that was given to the Van Andel Research Institute which is the leader in neuroblastoma research.


Charlotte and her dad Greg at the race

Charlotte passed away on December 7, 2011. Her parents were both with her and say that she went peacefully. Charlotte will be forever missed by all of the friends, family, doctors, and supporters she had throughout the community.

Although I never got the pleasure to meet Charlotte, her mother has been wonderful about sending updates on Charlotte’s progress. All of us at B.C. Tent felt like we knew Charlotte just from reading about her… and what a fabulous girl she was! I enjoyed so much looking at all of the photos of her adorable smile. Despite everything Charlotte went through at such a young age, she seemed to be always smiling and seeing the bright side of things. I cannot even try to imagine how hard this fight was for Charlotte and her family- but I know they all made the best of their time together and did everything they could. May little Charlotte rest peacefully. We look forward to many more Runs/Walks for Charlotte in her honor to keep the fight going to find the cure for this horrible disease.

Please remember the important things during this holiday season. Family, Friendship, and Love. In honor of Charlotte Rose Kelly please have thanks for every minute you have on this beautiful earth. Life is too short to do anything else!
Please visit Charlotte’s website Here to learn about Charlotte or to make a donation to the fight.