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#MenuMonday: Food Trucks

#MenuMonday: Food Trucks

#MenuMonday is here! Instead of a recipe this week we are focusing on a certain type of vendor that has been increasing in popularity over the past couple of years.  These vendors, of course, are food trucks!  Food trucks are great because they come for a set amount of time and churn out the food quickly.  This in turn keeps your guests happy and well fed while they are attending your event.

Food Trucks
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Why are food trucks so popular though?  That’s due to their ever increasing variety which is convenient and becoming more exciting to the public.  Originally, associated with messy eating on the side of the road, the trend has ignited trucks that serve high-end dishes.  Food trucks are becoming more prevalent at festivals and fairs because they can feed large crowds quickly.  They are also becoming more popular at weddings as they provide a more casual atmosphere.  Food trucks can be more cost efficient for couples on a strict budget as well. recommends planning on at least one food truck for every seventy-five guests because it does take time for guests to get through the food line.

Food Trucks
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The variety that these trucks provide also allows customers to try new food without breaking the bank.  You should try to have a few selections at the food truck if it’s being used for your main course.  There are so many different kinds of food trucks that they can be used for basically any course.  If you want the food truck simply for your dessert then you can get a truck that serves cupcakes, smoothies, Italian Ice, etc.  Also, there are trucks that serve wine or beer if you are looking to serve alcohol at your event.

Food Trucks
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There are a couple of different ways to set up the eating arrangements for your guests when using food trucks.  Utensils and napkins can be put in a central location where guests will be encouraged to stand and socialize while eating.  You could also set up tables so guests can get their food and sit down similar to the typical buffet.  If you want more formal dining arrangements for your wedding you could always use a food truck for the rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour or after-party.

Food Trucks
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Even if you are having your event at an indoor venue a food truck is not completely out of question!  Some companies have food carts that can be wheeled into an indoor venue.  What a great way to surprise your guests!

Food trucks are an excellent addition to any event.  They provide an atmosphere which initiates socialization between guests and makes the cooking easy!

Make sure to let us know if you have a food truck at your next event!

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