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Every special event requires a certain style of tent based on the location of the event and the set up underneath. At B. C. Tent & Awning Company Inc. we have the ability to put tents on grass, parking lots, patios and even on your deck! Whether you are having an intimate party for 20 of your friends, a wedding reception for 200, or a company event for thousands- we have you covered. We offer an extensive selection of tents including pole tents, sailcloth tents, frame tents (both fiesta frame and navi-trac frame) as well as marquee tents and party canopies. Please view our tent styles page to view photos and descriptions of each of the tent styles.

At B. C. Tent & Awning Company Inc., Inc. we offer detailed estimates via phone or e-mail. You may also come visit our showroom and sit down with a party professional who will walk you through the process of ordering all of your rental items. We offer free on site analysis by our tent professionals. Please call us today and speak with one of our event specialists to set up a site visit so we can choose the perfect tent for your space.

If you are interested in renting a tent please note that we are required by law to call Dig Safe 72 business hours prior to installation for staked tents. We do offer options for using weights to secure the tent if less than 72 business hours notice is provided.

What size tent do I need?


It depends on many variables. Based on your answers to a set of standard questions, we can make a preliminary tent recommendation.


Can the tent be setup without staking?


In some cases, yes. We can better advise you after a free site review.


Can you put a tent on a deck?


Yes. The size may be restricted by elements surrounding the tent such as railings, light fixtures, etc. A site review is always required for installation on a deck.


Do you provide furniture?


Yes. We maintain a large inventory of furniture to accessorize your tent.


Do you set up the furniture?


Furniture is rented as a “tailgate delivery”. In other words, the furniture is delivered to your site and placed under the tent. There is a separate charge for setup.


Do tents come with flaps?


Yes, but we refer to them as walls. The walls are added to the tent after it is setup. They can be rolled up and tied to provide an open tent and dropped during the function if the need arises.


What colors do tents come in?


Tents come in a variety of colors, however our inventory is predominantly white.


What's the difference between a POLE tent and a FRAME tent?


A pole tent is the type of tent you may have seen if you ever attended a circus. It has one or more long poles in the center of the tent. A frame tent has no center poles so it provides full use of the space under the tent. Frame tents are traditionally more labor-intensive to install, so, in most cases, you will find the rental cost higher than a conventional pole tent.


Do you offer heated tents?


Tents themselves are not heated, but we can provide heat for a tent during colder seasons. In fact, we install many tents on decks during the holidays to help our customers expand their somewhat limited living space.


Do you provide lighting?


Yes. We maintain an inventory of various lighting styles to further enhance your tent. You can see photos elsewhere on our website.


What's the difference between an AWNING and a TENT?


An awning is usually a permanent fixture that is attached to a structure such as a home or a building. Some awnings are removed from the building in winter months and stored until spring when they are “re-hung”.


What's the difference between a CANOPY and a TENT?


A canopy is a lighter-duty tent that can be installed by the customer. Traditionally, walls are not included with canopies. Canopies are usually less expensive to rent because they do not require professional installation. Two people can install our canopies in less than one hour and they are easily transported in the trunk of most cars.